Online Volleyball Betting for Republic of Korea 대한민국

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국 / 大韓民國 / Daehanminguk) is a popular country for volleyball betting even though online gambling is heavily restricted. Since 2001, the only form of sports gambling explicitly legal is via Sport Toto terminals which are located throughout the country. Here bettors can wager on Korean Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, and Ssireum.

Using Foreign Betting Sites

These days many Koreans have grown frustrated with the poor odds of Sports Toto, and also some prefer to bet other sports such as NBA basketball from the US, English Premier League football from the UK, or any other sport for that matter. These bettors have turned to foreign online betting sites to place their wagers.

Technical and Legal Challenges

The first thing to note is there are many reputable companies heavily regulated in the European Union who believe adults should have freedom to decide for their selves how they’d like to spend their hard earned money. As result, there is no shortage of legitimate foreign betting sites servicing the Korean market. Asian betting site Intense Gambling discusses this topic in great detail. One the challenges they mention is finding a gambling site that is not blocked.

The government very much wants to protect the Sports Toto revenue, and to do so, has blocked access to many online gambling sites by redirecting them to This is no worry! Using this guide you’ll be able to bet on the internet, and keep betting on the internet, not worrying about government blocks or restrictions.

Step 1: Join an Online Betting Site

Click on the links below until you find a betting site that is not blocked.

  1. – This is a great site for Koreans as they offer betting on V-League and KOVO Cup volleyball, KBL and WKBL basketball, K-League Football, and most Korean tennis competitions. They also offer betting on pretty much every foreign league around the world for each sport. If it works, this is your number one choice to bet online from Korea.
  2. – These guys offer most of what’s mentioned above, though do not offer odds on all Korean volleyball matches. Their website however does have limited Korean language support, and they are specialist at in-play betting especially so for football.
  3. – Ladbrokes offers pretty much all the same markets as Bet365 and is another popular online bookie for Koreans to use.
  4. Pinnacle Sports – This site has moderate coverage of Korean sports, but has great odds. If the other three above are blocked, then Pinnacle is great bookie for Koreans to use.

If one of these sites works, follow their online instruction to register an account. Next what you want to do is download Tor browser and have it ready to go should access to the site later become restricted. This will ensure, that should this happen you can still access your account and cash out your winnings/balance. The reason not to do this first is because when you register for an account using a Korean home address these companies expect to see a matching Korean IP address.

If you now have an account set up proceed to step two. If not proceed to step 3.

Step 2 – Set up and EntroPay Account

Entropay is the service most Koreans use for betting deposits. If you have a credit card with VISA or MasterCard, or a bank issued debit card with a VISA or MasterCard Logo EntroPay is your method to use it. First open an account at and then load your account with your VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card. You can then use it to deposit to Bet365, Ladbrokes, Pinnacle Sports, or 188Bet. Note: at 188Bet – select credit card as your deposit method and enter your EntroPay virtual card number as if it was a VISA card.

The good news is when it comes time to withdrawal you can cash back out to EntroPay as well. If you want to take cash out of EntroPay they can send it to your local bank account.

If funding an EntroPay account fails, proceed to option #3.

Optional Step #3 – Use a Western Union Friendly Betting Site

If none of the four recommended sites are working, or you have trouble depositing with EntroPay, don’t worry you can still bet online from Korea. You’ll now want to check to see if these sites work:, and If one of them does work, follow their instructions for how to deposit in cash using Western Union or MoneyGram. If you need help contact their support department who will be happy to assist.

For advice on whether open your account in GBP, USD, or EUR read my article on betting currency options.

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