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Sports Betting CurrencyIf you live in a country where Euro, USD, or GBP is the primary currency you have far less of a decision about which currency to use at betting sites than those living in other areas face. For those living in say Poland, Turkey, Russia, Japan, India, Canada or elsewhere, should you open an account in Polish złoty, Turkish lira, Japanese Yen, Russian ruble, Indian rupee, Canadian dollar, or should you open one in the more commonly used betting currencies Euro, USD, or GBP? In this article I’ll address this question.

How Popular is Your Local Currency?

The first thing you should look for is how many betting sites support your currency. For those living in India, Turkey and Russia the answer here is not many. However my advice for India is different than it is for the other two countries. This is because most every betting site accepts India residents as does most all e-wallets. The same cannot be said about Turkey and Russia. For reasons not many betting sites accept Turkish players, if you’re from Turkey you probably want to stick to wagering at Tipico where currency and language is supported. If you’re from Russia, the same is true and you probably want to stick to betting with Pinnacle Sports.

For Indians on the other hand, only Bet365 and Canbet even accepts INR rupee. There are so many better sites not supporting INR rupee Indians can use for the purpose of finding better odds such as 188Bet, Betfair, Ladbrokes, and Pinnacle Sports etc. Considering the most popular banking method for Indians is Skrill, I’d suggest keeping your Indian Skrill account in EUR, USD, or GBP. This way you can convert currency only when loading Skrill and when cashing out from Skrill. Meanwhile, as you use Skrill to move funds between betting sites, for the purpose of shopping odds and taking bonuses, all this will be done free of exchange fees.

For those living in Poland, Canada or Japan, the answer to the question “how popular is your local currency for betting?” is quite popular. I’d estimate more than 50% of all online betting sites support both Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen and a good 30+% support Polish złoty. Likewise my suggestion is to keep your e-wallet account such as Skrill, Neteller, EntroPay etc. in your own local currency and open your online betting accounts in that currency as well. What if the betting site doesn’t accept your currency? Simply put, don’t use them! There isn’t much reason to use their website and pay an exchange when many other sites will allow you to bet in your local currency.

Perhaps needless to say, if your local currency is EUR, USD, or GBP –it will be foolish to use any currency other than your local currency because all are widely accepted. The final area to address is those from Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt etc. where your local currency isn’t supported period, as well as those living in India or other areas where using their own local currency might not make sense. For you, the question is should I use GBP, EUR or USD? Allow me to address that in the next section.

Comparing the Top 3 Betting Currencies

GBP – UK Pounds is a very popular betting currency. You can visit about any of our competitors, say Best Betting Sites for example, and see most of their bonus offers are marketed in GBP. It’s quite common the gambling sites themselves to feature a GBP offer as well, while also GBP is the primary account currency for sites like BetFair and Ladbrokes. This is all a bit misleading – because many of these bonus offers are either only available to UK residents betting in GBP, or feature a currency equivalent bonus for those betting in other currencies.

EUR – The European Union Euro (EUR), is a very popular betting currency and this is a very strong choice for bettors that either have no option to, or are better off not betting in their local currency. This is the primary currency of Paddy Power, who supports only EUR and GBP, and is a currency option at almost every multiple currency bookmaker in the industry. You certainly can’t go wrong making your primary currency EUR, and another huge plus is this is the main currency of popular e-wallet Skrill as well.

USD – The United States Dollar is another solid choice in a betting currency. offers a 100% up to $200.00 sign up bonus for those betting in USD. If you’re from India and open an account here you’d get a 100% up to Rs. 2500 bonus, which is less than $50 US. The same is true for other countries as well for example Singapore accounts get a 100% up to $100 SGD bonus which is less than $80.00 US. A trick many don’t know is before making a deposit you can email Bet365 and asking them to change your account currency to USD. Doing so makes you eligible for the higher bonus. Other befits to USD, this currency is accepted at most all betting sites, many sites have bonuses in USD, and it’s the primary currency of reduced juice sportsbooks Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes. Again, this like the Euro is a solid choice.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, if betting deposits and withdrawals are difficult from the country you live, you should look to wager at whichever sites support your currency. If your local currency is popular and it’s easy to deposit, then you’d always want to choose that currency as well. For everyone else it’s pretty much a tossup between Euros or USD. If you mostly bet football – Euro is a great choice, if you mostly bet American sports – USD is a great choice. For everyone else, either or will easily suffice.

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